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"The First Secret" Recap

Pretty Little Liars "The First Secret"- Halloween Special

Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode takes place in Rosewood waaay back in 2008, when Ally was still alive, Aria had pink hair, Hanna was fat, Emily wasn't a lesbian (at least not publicly), Jenna wasn't blind, Lady Gaga was sorta normal and Spencer was...well, Spencer. 

We begin the episode with a scary story told by Ally to some kid (no idea who he is) about two sisters, twins to be exact, playing in their house when one twin stabs the other and results in being sent to a mental hospital. Sounds familiar? Well, it is the actual story from Pretty Little Liars books, so I guess Ally was making fun of that, or something? Anyway, she got really into the whole story, stabbed a pumpkin (which is not at all a hint of anything, Sara, don't be silly) and scared that kid to death. I really hope that isn't the direction in which this show will go (I'm pretty sick of all the tv shows about twins). 

After telling that story, Ally and Hanna go for a walk with Spencer, Aria and Emily. They bump into that creep, Noah, and he invites them to his Halloween party. Aria and her pink hair are all smitten by Noah, and surprised he actually invited them, bunch of losers (that hang out with the most popular girl in school, which kinda makes them popular? But not in this show), to his party. Emily then talks with Toby and he tells her that Jenna is moving in to his place and that she always gets what she wants (which is totally not a hint of anything). 

Ally goes to the local Halloween shop and meets Jenna and they both decide to go as Lady Gaga to the party. Alison then gets an anonymous text and goes to Spencer's house and there she flirts with (then alive) Ian who is dating Melissa. Melissa and Ian announce they'll dress up as Bonnie and Clyde. (not at all predictable.) What was really weird, is that Melissa seemed to actually love Spencer and that she wanted her all the best. How times change. 

Aria bumped into Ezra and didn't even care. So um, he was a professor then? Aria's dad was having an affair with a student at that time. Did I mention how I love hefty Hanna? She's like sitting on her bed, eating popcorn and watching horror movies all alone, while her phone's ringing constantly and she looks like she's about to pee in her pants. 

Poor Mona and Lucas, they were both losers in 2008 and they hated Alison (which isn't totally one obvious hint of anything, you guys...this show isn't totally trying to tell us something...) Then Aria and Alison caught Aria's dad kissing with a student in his car. And then there was the next scene where Alison was in her room and Jason came and talked gibberish and Ally asked him "What movie are you going to watch?" And he said: "If I told you that, I'd have to kill you." (Except that's just a name of a movie, dude, so this joke was pointless) But Alison just smiled (which isn't a hint of anything, obviously. They are not trying to make us suspect at Jason at all.) 

Alison was practically in every scene in this episode. She was just transferring from one place to another as by magic. 

Hanna's mom is awesome. She actually said "That was a horny cop." Awesome, right?

Alison is jealous of Melissa and she's trying to convince Spencer that Melissa is evil. By the way, Hanna looks like she's pregnant. And how creepy was that scene with kids running in costumes? Super creepy. 

The girls are changing in a room when they see a creepy little person in a costume staring at them from the yard. They are all scared except Alison who doesn't care. (Suspicious?) But let's talk about more important things, like Alison's wig. It's so embarrassing. How did she succeed in finding the ugliest wig there is? It doesn't even look like Gaga's hair!

But back to the story, Alison is blackmailing Aria about whether she'll tell Aria's mom about her dad having an affair or Aria will go to the party since she didn't want to. What? 

Okay now the costumes: Aria was a witch (because she was in her emo phase so it was obvious that she'll be a witch), Emily was Pocahontas, Spencer was some queen that no one knew about, Hanna was Britney Spears, and Jenna was hundred times better version of Lady Gaga than Alison. I'm definitely more scared of Jenna than Alison.

Jenna was dancing on the dancefloor and Emily was very subtly (no, not really) checking her out and Alison caught that. Alison then disappears and sends a message to the girls to come alone to a street that is called Mockingbird. Seriously, who names those streets? 

They see a creepy house there and immediately enter it, because of course they do. They find Ally who is scared to death and she tells them that the guy from the yard tried to kill her. The girls try to call the police but surprisingly (not really) there's no signal so Ally leaves the room to find signal but that freak attacks her. She then goes all Kung-fu at him and wins. But of course, in the end she admits it was all a joke, and the zombie was actually Noel, except that he wasn't, but she didn't know that. It could've been Lucas (he was dressed as a zombie too) or someone completely different as we saw in the end.

All in all, this episode was pretty entertaining, even though it didn't reveal anything that we didn't already know or suspect, but that's Pretty Little Liars for you, we pretty much got used to it, am I right? 

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Gossip Girl Icons

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